Big 12 draft prospects and tiers

We've still got more than a month of talk before the NFL draft ends.

Colleague Todd McShay continues his breakdown of the field of prospectsInsider by breaking them down into tiers like many NFL teams will on the big day.

You'll need Insider to see his comments and more on how this class stacks up all-time, but here's how he slots the Big 12's talents:

No Big 12 players were in Tier 1 or Tier 2, which included just eight players.

Tier 3 -- Good value from picks 10-20

Tier 4 -- Good value late in the first round

No Big 12 players were in Tier 5, who would be value picks in the second round.

Tier 6 -- Good value in the middle of or late in the second round

Tier 7 -- Good value in the third round

Interesting stuff from McShay. Those guys were all great players throughout their college careers, though making the jump is always a bit of a crapshoot. It's tough to really project where guys belong on a national scale when I spend so much time in the Big 12, but don't be surprised if all nine of those guys go on to great NFL careers.