The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: Week 2

We're continuing our march across Big 12 country with your dream trek for 2013. Want to see the best of the best in the Big 12 this season? Come along with us.

We don't make the final decisions about where we spend our fall Saturdays, but I'm walking week by week through the 2013 season and forecasting where I'd like to be each week of the season. Circumstances change as games happen of course, but here's how I'd project the season. Road nonconference games count. Let's move on with the next week.

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Here's the Week 2 schedule in the Big 12:

  • Texas San-Antonio vs. Oklahoma State at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas

  • Southeastern Louisiana vs. TCU

  • Baylor vs. Buffalo

  • Kansas State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

  • West Virginia at Oklahoma

  • Texas Tech vs. Stephen F. Austin

  • Kansas vs. South Dakota

  • Texas at BYU

My pick: West Virginia at Oklahoma

No contest here. I love early-season conference games that break up the monotony of terrible nonconference blowouts, which we'll see plenty of elsewhere in the league this week in 2013. West Virginia is in position to struggle a bit this season, and even Oklahoma looks like it may be somewhat average by Sooners standards this season, but there's no competition for conference play, even when teams elsewhere in the league play teams who could compete in a major conference.

These two teams played a classic a year ago, but they both have a little to prove in this game. A win for West Virginia would be monumental and give plenty of reason for optimism and shifted expectations for the Mountaineers, who can't feel great about coming into Year 2 in the Big 12 with a still-leaky defense and an offense that lost three of the five best players in the Big 12 from last year.

It'll be the first of many big games for two new quarterbacks in Oklahoma's Blake Bell and either Paul Millard or Ford Childress, and Oklahoma could make a statement with a blowout.

On the flip side, a close loss for West Virginia might be reason for encouragement, too. Either way, in a month usually devoid of quality matchups for the Big 12, the Mountaineers' trip to Norman will be a welcome break from the usual boredom of September.

Honorable mention: Texas at BYU