Texas tempo change: Horns new offense

Looking for a preview of Texas' new, faster offense?

Look no further than the successful second half of the Longhorns' win over Oregon State. Colleague Mark Schlabach wrote today about the changes coming to Austin that already surfaced in the bowl win.

From Schlabach's column:

Brown believes the change is Texas' best chance at surviving a 12-round fight in the Big 12.

"We think we're at the perfect spot now because we think we're tougher," Brown said. "It's helped our defense toughen up, we know we can run the ball again and we're ready to break out the passing game."

Brown said Texas isn't going to a no-huddle offense simply to score more points. He also believes the change will help UT's defense prepare to face the offensive juggernauts of the Big 12. If the Longhorns face a fast-paced offense in practice every day, Brown is confident they'll be more conditioned -- mentally and physically -- to play teams like the Mountaineers and Sooners on a weekly basis.

"What we found last year was it was such a disadvantage to our defense," Brown said. "This league is really good at tempo offense and there are really fast players. Nobody is huddling and nobody is substituting, so your defense gets stuck out there and they're snapping the ball every 15 seconds. Your defensive coordinator can't call defenses because there's not enough time for your players to look over at him. Your big guys get tired because they can't get off the field."

I'd be a little concerned that Texas decided to switch to a more deliberate, power running offense after the 2009 season, but after three seasons without any real success doing it, the Longhorns have gotten back to a speedy offense. They'll want to keep those power aspects of the old offense, but can that show up on the field?

We'll see.