Best off-the-radar spring in ... Kansas?

Colleague Ryan McGee took a look at five off-the-radar destinations for spring practice that are college football's most intriguing.

One surprise candidate on his list is Kansas, which is coming off a 1-11 season. The Jayhawks' influx of junior college transfers certainly makes them one of the most interesting teams in the Big 12.

Weis is welcoming 18, to be exact, and you can bet the Jayhawks' depth chart will look a lot different next fall than it does right now.

One SEC coordinator took notice and echoed what we've written here many times since Weis' strategy became clear. It's definitely a very risky proposition with players the coordinator referred to as "hired guns." It could blow up in Weis' face, or it could produce copycats if it succeeds. Former juco transfers Nick Fairley and Cam Newton helped Auburn win a national title.

Kansas is a long way from that kind of winning, but they're not far from one of the nation's most intriguing teams this fall.

Will the project work? Well, that depends on your definition of "success" as it relates to KU's 2013 team. If you're talking a bowl game, I'd probably say no, it won't succeed. But to win four or five games? I'm not sure I'm willing to bet against it at this point.

And that's why we play the games.