The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: Week 6

We're continuing our march across Big 12 country with your dream trek for 2013. Want to see the best of the best in the Big 12 this season? Come along with us.

We don't make the final decisions about where we spend our fall Saturdays, but I'm walking week by week through the 2013 season and forecasting where I'd like to be. Circumstances change as games happen, of course, but here's how I'd project the season. Road nonconference games count. Let's move on with the next week.

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Here's the Week 6 schedule across the Big 12:

  • Texas at Iowa State

  • Texas Tech at Kansas

  • TCU at Oklahoma

  • Kansas State at Oklahoma State

  • West Virginia at Baylor

My pick: TCU at Oklahoma

This was a tough call. I've attended Kansas State's game against Oklahoma State in each of the past two years, and both have been great games, but I also saw TCU and Oklahoma play in person last year when the Sooners clinched a Big 12 title on the season's final weekend.

This season, we might have a midseason game that helps shape the Big 12 title race. An early-season game between Kansas State and OU did exactly that last year, and I'm thinking this game might be very similar. Both teams will have played one conference game before this matchup. Oklahoma will host West Virginia and TCU travels to Texas Tech, but the Sooners will get an additional test the week before this game against Notre Dame.

Win this game, and you officially announce yourself as a Big 12 title contender, I say. Lose it, and the battle for a title is far from over, but it's certainly going to be uphill. These are the kinds of games you have to win to nab a Big 12 title. It's the kind of game TCU didn't win last year. A win here would be a sign that TCU is serious about a title and the Sooners have a chance to keep their status as the Big 12's kingpin on the field.

Should mean a great game and a better atmosphere. Can't wait.

Honorable mention: Kansas State at Oklahoma State; West Virginia at Baylor