The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: Week 7

We're continuing our march across Big 12 country with your dream trek for 2013. Want to see the best of the best in the Big 12 this season? Come along with us.

We don't make the final decisions about where we spend our fall Saturdays, but I'm walking week by week through the 2013 season and forecasting where I'd like to be. Circumstances change as games happen, of course, but here's how I'd project the season. Road nonconference games count. Let's move on with the next week.

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Here's the Week 7 schedule across the Big 12:

  • Kansas at TCU

  • Iowa State at Texas Tech

  • Baylor at Kansas State

  • Oklahoma vs. Texas at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas

My pick: The Red River Rivalry

No discussion to be had here and no honorable mention to be handed out. Fire up the fryers and somebody get me a corny dog and a fried Snickers as soon as possible. I don't live a mile from the fairgrounds anymore (marriage will do that in Dallas), but the city gets absolutely buzzing the entire weekend. There's an anticipation and the burnt orange and crimson comes out everywhere in the city, from the fairgrounds to downtown, uptown and even the surrounding cities.

Once game day arrives, that excitement peaks. The early afternoon kickoffs are a lot more fun than the 11 a.m. kickoff, but beware of the legendary traffic. These games haven't been the classics we've hoped for the past couple years, but this year's version should be solid and the atmosphere will be fantastic, as usual. Texas fans have caught some flack the past few years for hitting the exits to the State Fair of Texas fairgrounds early, but Mack Brown and the Longhorns will have their reputations to play for in this game. Another beatdown courtesy of the Sooners is the last thing Brown and his team need.

The fan split at the 50-yard line is one of the seminal images in the sport, and this special, special day will be exactly that once again in 2013. If you're a Big 12 fan, you need to experience this at least once. Even if you're not a Texas or an Oklahoma fan, this is a college football bucket list game.