Big 12 fans feeling regretful about no Cards

Louisville is looking safe and sound in the ACC these days, but the one-time prospective Big 12 member is enjoying historical success after winning a BCS bowl game and a national title in basketball. This comes a year after being spurned by the Big 12, who chose West Virginia over the Cardinals.

With Louisville essentially off the table as an expansion option, I asked you to vote: Should the Big 12 have invited Louisville to join?

Seventy-five percent of you said yes, with well over 5,000 votes cast. Just 25 percent of you didn't think the Cardinals warranted inclusion.

I do think Louisville will likely end up happier in the ACC than it would have in the Big 12, but I made my thoughts on the issue clear.

That said, the results didn't surprise me too much. Public opinion among Big 12 fans has long been on the side of expanding the league's membership beyond just 10 members, though I agree with Bob Bowlsby's continued assertion that in the Big 12's case, bigger is not better.

Like I said Friday, the Cardinals' recent success -- especially in basketball, with revenues that pale in comparison to football -- shouldn't be a major concern for inclusion, but it's definitely an intriguing debate. I don't necessarily think the answer is clear either way, but consider me part of the 25 percent when it comes to this poll.