Chelf is fans' pick for OSU's quarterback

At this point, there's only two words left to say: All aboard!

Clint "Choo Choo" Chelf ended the season as Oklahoma State's starting quarterback, and though coach Mike Gundy wavered a bit on his status as the team's current starter, the fans voted overwhelmingly to keep him as the Cowboys QB1.

Almost half of you -- 48 percent, to be exact -- tabbed Chelf as the Pokes' new starter. He finished well ahead of sophomore Wes Lunt, who tallied 30 percent of the vote. Fellow sophomore J.W. Walsh collected just 22 percent of the vote.

What would I do? I've long been in Lunt's camp, but his penchant for injuries and turnovers has to be a concern by now. If he can prove in practice that his turnover issues are behind him, I'd vote for Lunt to reclaim the job he won last spring but lost with a pair of injuries to his leg and head last season. (He also missed the first four games of his senior year in high school with a broken bone in his foot.) Lunt hasn't been able to play a lot, but he's already made it clear that he's got the team's biggest arm and its biggest potential. Ultimately, only those inside practice know if Lunt's fixed what ailed him last season, but you can't escape the worry that the next hit Lunt takes will mean another quarterback shuffle.

Walsh is definitely going to get some time to play next season, but he's the least-skilled passer of the three, though he's beyond competent. His short-yardage package works with either quarterback, and his passing skill does make it dangerous and unpredictable.

So what about Chelf? I do think OSU could win a Big 12 title with any of these three guys behind center, but Chelf is the surest option without a ton of upside. You know what you're getting with him, and he mostly took care of the ball last season. He certainly did so better than Lunt.

The simplest answer on who Oklahoma State's quarterback should be? If Gundy feels confident that Lunt has shown an ability to take care of the ball, it's worth putting him back on the field and giving him the starting job. If not, it's time to board the Choo Choo and try to ride it all the way back to the BCS next season.

All aboard.