The Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip: Week 14

We're continuing our march across Big 12 country with your dream trek for 2013. Want to see the best of the best in the Big 12 this season? Come along with us.

We don't make the final decisions about where we spend our fall Saturdays, but I'm walking week by week through the 2013 season and forecasting where I'd like to be. Circumstances change as games happen, of course, but here's how I'd project the season. Road nonconference games count. Let's move on with the next week.

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Here's the Week 14 schedule across the Big 12:

  • Texas Tech at Texas (Thanksgiving night)

  • Baylor at TCU

  • Iowa State at West Virginia

  • Kansas State at Kansas

My pick: Texas Tech at Texas

Thanksgiving weekend football is always a little bit weird. Many of the students are still gone, making the reserved rivalry week feel a little odd from start to finish.

That's not often the case in Thanksgiving night games in Austin. Texas Tech's trip to Texas will not be the same as the Lone Star Showdown. It never will be, and pretending it will is silly. That said, Texas Tech-Texas is a strong in-state rivalry between two teams that strongly dislike one another and have played some fun, physical games over the years. Strange as it sounds, an early-season win over Texas Tech before the wheels fell off of the Longhorns' five-win season in 2010 was a strong game in a tough atmosphere forgotten by the rest of the season's failures. Texas likely will have some Big 12 title hopes remaining in this one and will need a win, but the tradition of a Thanksgiving night game rolls on in Austin. Texas' Big 12 title hopes ended in last season's Thanksgiving night loss to TCU, and though projecting the Big 12 standings this late in the season makes many a fool, the atmosphere should be one for the books. Thanksgiving football in Texas is still a tradition, even though the teams are different.

Any Ultimate Big 12 Road Trip wouldn't be complete without it.

Honorable mention: Baylor at TCU