Weis not fretting modest expectations

DALLAS -- There's plenty of debate about which team will be the Big 12 favorite in 2013. The media poll in advance of Big 12 media days in July should be fascinating. It's not hard to see national powers Oklahoma or Texas topping the ranking and once again earning a status as the league's favorite. You can't count out upstarts TCU or Oklahoma State, either.

A case could be made for all four.

At the bottom, though, there is little uncertainty. Nine Big 12 teams went to bowls last year, and Kansas helped make that possible. The Jayhawks went winless in Big 12 play, stretching their losing streak in conference play to 21 games. Just like last season, there won't be much debate about the Big 12's No. 10 team to begin the season. Just five of 41 preseason ballots had the Jayhawks anywhere but last to start the season. Coach Charlie Weis isn't complaining about likely similar treatment to start 2013.

"Our fans get mad when they come out and predict, well, we’re not going to do this or do that, and I’m a very practical person. Until you’ve done it, no one’s ever going to believe in you," Weis said. "I’m expecting more than you’re expecting, I promise you."

At the top of the league, Oklahoma State's learned that. The Pokes were picked to finish third in the league back in 2011 and ended up running away with the Big 12 title. Now that they've "done it," more people are signing up as believers in the Pokes. OSU's my pick to win the Big 12 this season, and has a good shot to top the preseason poll, too.

For now, though, Kansas is focused on getting people to believe they can win a game in conference. There's only one way to make 'em believe: Do it.

"I think that anyone at Kansas who gets upset when they predict them to be bottom-feeders is wrong. Because until we do something, until we do anything to change that perception, that’s how people should see us," Weis said.