Incognito Stoops helps with tornado relief

Thousands of people have trekked to the Moore, Okla., area from all over the country to help the city clean up and begin the healing process from the massive tornado that destroyed thousands of homes last week.

One of them, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, didn't have to go more than a few minutes from his north Norman home to help the relief effort. He donned his signature visor to do it, but it took about 30 minutes for others to catch on.

Oklahoma football's official Twitter account sent out a photo of Stoops donning sunglasses and gloves and getting to work Saturday.

Sooners senior associate athletics director Kenny Mossman tweeted another picture Tuesday morning of Stoops' low-profile visit.

Fantastic stuff from the head Sooner. Stoops knows some of those affected. Two of his former players -- one of whom is a current assistant coach -- saw homes badly damaged or destroyed by the tornado. There are surely other connections for Stoops. Going out and helping is one thing. Not publicizing it is another, especially when a guy like him has a lot to gain by doing so.

Sometimes, these things have a way of working themselves out. Kudos to Stoops.