Big 12 APR scores have arrived

Oklahoma State had better be careful. Look for an emphasis from Mike Gundy's staff on graduation and grades in the year to come, or it could mean a postseason ban in 2014.

The NCAA recently introduced the Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores, and for the second consecutive year, the Cowboys are flirting with danger.

Here's how the NCAA's website describes the score:

A Division I Football Bowl Subdivision team awards the full complement of 85 grants-in-aid. If 80 student-athletes remain in school and academically eligible, three remain in school but are academically ineligible and two drop out academically ineligible, the team earns 163 of 170 possible points for that term. Divide 163 by 170 and multiply by 1,000 to determine that the team’s Academic Progress Rate for that term is 959.

The number represents the past four years and rolls over each year, but in 2014-15, schools must average at least 930 over a four-year period or 940 in a two-year period to avoid a postseason ban.

Schools that average less than 925, have a player who failed academically and left school can lose scholarships, too.

Iowa State also checked in with a score of just 928 and could be in danger of missing the postseason as well. Those two scores were the seventh- and eighth-lowest APR scores among BCS schools, according to colleague Brett McMurphy.

The good news for Oklahoma State? It's trending in the right direction. From The Oklahoman:

After scoring a 903 in the 2010-11 term alone, OSU did improve dramatically with a 947 in 2011-12. That means it would need to score a 933 for the 2012-13 term to qualify using the two-year average.

So, enough to be uncomfortable but not quite enough to be very, very concerned. How heartbreaking would it be, though, for a solid Oklahoma State team in 2014 to be banned from the postseason?

Iowa State is in a similar situation to Oklahoma State. The Cyclones are trying to outrun an 889 APR from the 2008-09 school year, but haven't had a mark below 934 in the last three years.

No Big 12 teams made the national top 10 for APR, according to McMurphy.

Here's how the rest of the Big 12 measured up:

T-1. Baylor -- 962

T-1. TCU -- 962

3. Oklahoma -- 960

4. Kansas -- 958

5. West Virginia -- 950

6. Kansas State -- 948

7. Texas Tech -- 941

8. Texas -- 936

9. Iowa State -- 928

10. Oklahoma State -- 926