Big 12 lacking in recruiting rankings

Our RecruitingNation staff wrapped up a week of content by ranking each conference's recruiting as a whole thus far this year.

The Big 12's a lot farther down than you might think.

All the way down at fifthInsider, in fact.

That's behind the ACC (No. 2) and the Big Ten (No. 4).

Nobody doubts the Big 12's talent pool in Texas, and our recruiting staff notes the top 10 draft picks and Heisman winner that came from the state and league in the past couple years, but you can't deny the team rankings.

The Big 12 has four teams in the top 22 but just one (Texas, at No. 2) in the top 15. Not a good sign there.

Our staff also points to tougher competition in Texas that has made it more difficult to field elite classes, despite the number of total prospects remaining relatively static.

TCU, Baylor and Texas A&M's rise have recruiting in Texas a whole lot more difficult across the Big 12.

Check out the full rankings.