Wes Lunt's final decision: Predictable, wise

Wes Lunt has finally decided on a new home. He's transferring to Illinois, a source told colleagues Joe Schad and Brett McMurphy.

Lunt, who grew up an Illini fan, believes the spread offense operated by offensive coordinator Bill Cubit would be a good fit.

Lunt also has a relationship with coach Tim Beckman and could potentially succeed as a senior starter and help turn around a program in front of his home-state fans.

Lunt heading back to the flagship school of his home state was mostly predictable all along (I called this one in print on May 17), and it's probably the best move for him after he decided to leave Oklahoma State. Homesickness had to play a big role in his decision to leave.

From purely a football perspective, his decision to transfer made no sense. Still, people far too often forget that the guys in helmets every Saturday in the fall are human, and if you don't enjoy the other 352 days a year when you're not playing football, it's hard to stay somewhere if you're happy just for those precious 13.

He won't win as much at Illinois as he would have in Stillwater in the next three years, but he's still got a path to the NFL and he'll probably enjoy his day-to-day life a little better, too. That's nothing against Oklahoma State -- it's mostly just a "different strokes for different folks" type of situation.

Lunt's exit and coach Mike Gundy's decision to limit him from nearly 40 schools drew criticism from plenty of folks (rival coach Bob Stoops was the only notable person I heard come out in support of the decision), but Lunt landing back close to home to help rebuild a program he loves likely won't draw any complaints from the Lunt camp.

Good spot for him. He'll have to sit out 2013, but will have three years of eligibility remaining. That's a lot of time to rewrite a legacy for a player who showed he's got a whole lot of talent, even in an abbreviated season in Stillwater.