Wes Lunt: 'No hard feelings' toward Gundy

Wes Lunt confirmed his plans to transfer to Illinois in an interview with ESPN, but also made allusions to his relationship with coach Mike Gundy.

From our report (emphasis added):

Lunt called Illinois coach Tim Beckman on Monday to inform him of his decision.

"I am OK with how I left Oklahoma State," Lunt said. "God had a plan for me. No hard feelings with Coach (Mike Gundy)."

Lunt, who grew up an Illini fan, believes that the spread offense operated by offensive coordinator Bill Cubit would be a good fit.

"I like this offense," Lunt said. "The quarterbacks get it out quickly. They go vertical. And they pass for a ton of yards. It's a pass-happy offense."

Gundy drew major criticism when reports leaked that he blocked Lunt from transferring to the entire SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, Southern Miss and Oklahoma State's future opponents, but Lunt won't be joining in that chorus.

It doesn't benefit Lunt to call out his former coach for his actions, but for now you have to take Lunt's quotes at face value. I'd say skepticism toward them is fair, but Gundy at least doesn't have to worry about a high-profile former player bashing him in the media. I'd expect Lunt to be at Illinois a long time, and it'll be interesting to see how much more he talks about this process and his opinions on how it shook out (three of Lunt's reported top five schools were blocked by Gundy) during the weeks, months or years to come when he's in Champaign.

Here's a few more thoughts on Lunt's departure from Oklahoma State to Illinois.