ISU gets good grade, KSU bad in minority hiring study

The Black Coaches and Administrators released a study Wednesday that examined the practices of schools that hired new football coaches last season.

Iowa State, which hired Paul Rhoads, received an A. Kansas State, which hired Bill Snyder after a three-season sabbatical, got an F.

The study considered the time frame of the hiring, communication of the job opening, potential candidates, composition of the search committee and affirmative action before ascertaining a final grade.

The Big 12 does not have an black head coach in place after Ron Prince was fired and replaced by Snyder. It has had three black coaches in its history with Oklahoma's John Blake (1996-98), Oklahoma State's Bob Simmons (1995-2000) and Prince (2006-08).

The lack of a black Big 12 head coach was addressed in the foreword to the study, written by Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida.

"Last year I said we needed a new game plan with an arsenal of new weapons we have not had to change the hiring practices for head football coaches in college sport. The failure to achieve dramatic improvements now calls for a civil rights movement in college sport," Lapchick wrote.

"America has its first African-American president. Yet our record for hiring football coaches of color is scandalous. As of the date of this publication, we do not have an African-American head football coach in the SEC, Big 12, Big Ten, PAC-10, or Big East."

Conference officials should do what they can to encourage head coaching job searches that are cognizant of minority hirings. Thankfully with the BCA's study, somebody is watching.