Kingsbury talks memories, challenges, more

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury sat down for a chat with ESPN.com readers earlier today, which surely included a whole lot of Red Raiders fans.

You can see the full transcript here, but let's look at a few highlights:

Zach in Lake Dallas, Texas, writes: What needs to happen this year for you to be able to define it as a "successful season?"

Kliff Kingsbury: We don't put win totals as far as certain goals. Since Day 1, we've talked about seeing improvement every day. That's what we're shooting for.

Jason in Utah writes: I know you'll be (and are) hands on with the offense. How "hands on" are you with the defense? Will you override your D coordinator's calls?

KK: I won't be very hands on with the defense. Coach does a great job and I hired him to be the head coach of the defense. That's how it will be set up.

James in Lubbock, Texas, writes: What is your greatest memory as a Texas Tech Red Raider Quarterback.

KK: My first start against Oklahoma. The win made us bowl eligible. Still my favorite game of all time.

Andre in Tallahassee, Fla., writes: What has been the biggest challenge you have had since taking the job?

KK: Just dealing with the administrative stuff. Being the OC versus the head coach, there are a lot more administrative issues on a daily basis.

Reese in South Austin writes: Favorite Tech QB to watch after your time at Tech?

KK: I enjoyed watching everybody. I would say that Graham, the run that they had and what they were able to accomplish was incredible.

Jason in Plano writes: Coach, do you dominate in your coaching staff's pickup basketball games?

KK: I haven't had time to get involved yet. I'm sure I would be at least one of the top scorers.

A.J. in Dallas writes: Hello Kliff. Good Luck this year. How does a offense first reputation hinder Tech in getting top defensive recruits?

KK: I don't think it helps or hurts. We recruit players we think will help our system. Players who want to create their own legacy. That should affect their decision to play at Texas Tech

Chris in Plano writes: In the 2002 game in Lubbock against UT, it appeared there were a couple of times after a big score that you referred to Jones Stadium as being "my house". How do you recreate that mentality to the current players?

KK: That's something we're working on. The record at home the last few years hasn't been great. Something the guys protect dearly. We're working hard on making Jones Stadium a hard place to play.