Drafting an all-time Texas, Oklahoma team

Our staffs at SoonerNation and HornsNation got together recently and had a little fantasy draft. The catch? The Texas group selected only Texas players and the Oklahoma group selected only Sooners.

We've got a full page devoted to both teams, and it looks like a pretty fun project. SoonerNation got together with legendary running back Joe Washington, program historian Mike Brooks and Sooner supporter Jim Ross while Jake Trotter from SoonerNation also participated. Here's how that worked out. You can vote for the best team, as well as read a Q&A from each "coach" on selecting his team.

Brooks talks about the strength of his team:

You can start with my running backs. I believe I drafted the greatest power-speed running back in A.D., as well as the greatest player of the Bud Wilkinson era in Billy Vessels. I also have two of the three best receivers in school history in Broyles and Hinton. Tight end Keith Jackson is arguably the greatest at his position maybe in NCAA history. Throw in a Heisman Trophy-winning QB in Jason White, and enough said.

Over on the Texas side, HornsNation's Carter Strickland and Sean Adams faced off with Longhorn Network's Kevin Dunn and Lowell Galindo.

Most surprising in that draft? Colt McCoy went No. 1 ahead of Vince Young. Strickland's explanation:

Texas has not had a storied history of wide receivers. That being the case, it was imperative to grab a quarterback who made receivers better through his accuracy and ability to throw them open. McCoy is that guy.

In addition, McCoy has some running ability. Now, while it is not as great as Young's, he did lead the team in rushing one year (2008, with 561 yards). Also, by adding Jordan Shipley in the second round, it assured the team of having the best quarterback-wide receiver combo in school history.

I can sort of get behind that. Go over and check it out, and cast your vote for the best all-time Texas team.