Hot Button: Blake Bell vs. David Ash

Texas' David Ash is the Big 12's most experienced passer, but hasn't emerged as a truly elite quarterback at this point in his career. Oklahoma's Blake Bell, meanwhile, has shown off his mobility and will try to live up to his upside when he gets a chance to make his first start this fall.

HornsNation's Williams Wilkerson and SoonerNation's Jake Trotter debated the merits of both quarterbacks in a "Hot Button" post on ESPN.com today. Trotter takes the side of Bell's future promise, while Wilkerson argues for Ash and what he has accomplished already.

Here's some of what Wilkerson had to say:

Ash should also play more relaxed knowing that he's the unquestioned quarterback of the team, which Mack Brown anointed him heading into spring practice. That's more than Bell can say for the moment, and something Bell could struggle to maintain if he can't lead OU through a daunting first half of the season.

And an excerpt from Trotter:

Sure, the most experienced Big 12 quarterback has had his moments. The game-winning drive in Stillwater. The fourth-quarter comeback in the Alamo Bowl.

But Ash has also folded against the pressure of quarterbacking in the Red River Rivalry. Twice. Completely and utterly.

Plenty of merit to both sides. Vote in our poll and go read the full debate.