Chat: Jaxon Shipley underrated, TCU opener

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Nick (USA): I think Jaxon Shipley is one if not the most underrated player in college football he is Texas' biggest playmaker with his ability to catch run and throw he just doesn’t have a great QB to throw to him like his brother did. Agree or Disagree

Jake Trotter: I like Shipley. In fact, I like Mike Davis, too. This is Texas' best receiving corps since Jordan Shipley was around. QB has been a problem, but I like what I’ve heard with Ash so far through camp. He was terrific in their scrimmage Sunday night. If Ash finally breaks out, Jaxon could have a big year, too.

Jon (Austin): Who do you think will end the year as 1st team All-Big 12 QB?

Jake Trotter: I'm leaning toward Baylor's Bryce Petty. He has no competition and a ton of firepower around him. He could have a monster year in that offense.

ouwooferman (Houston): Inside word on the QB situation at OU?

Jake Trotter: Still feel Bell will be named the starter. But Trevor Knight has outplayed him in the two scrimmages. This is closer than anyone thought it would be two months ago.

Josh (Fort Worth): What's your take on the LSU/TCU game? Do you think it's an advantage to catch LSU early given their losses on the defensive side of the ball?

Jake Trotter: The key will be Casey Pachall. Is he the same guy? If so, TCU ought to have enough offense to win this game. If he's rusty, then it could smack of last year's BWW bowl. The TCU D will be ready to play, even without Fields.

Britt Fisher (Austin, Texas): Jason Verrett is getting a lot of love nationally, if I'm not mistaken he was on the field when Seth Doege torched them for 7 TDs. So was Devonte Fields… not sure I 100% believe the hype of the TCU defense. The lost both LBs and a good DE. Where is all the hype coming from?

Jake Trotter: I saw Verrett completely lock down Kenny Stills and Stedman Bailey last season. Fields is big time. Those guys are legit, and so is TCU’s defense. ESPN's adjusted EPA had them ranked No. 4 in the country last year, even with the Doege debacle.