Chat: Ames, Texas DBs, OU offense

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Advisor (Lubbock): You had Texas Tech eighth in your power rankings. Is there a Big 12 team with a wider gap between talent according to the media all-Big 12 teams and preseason expectations than Texas Tech?

Jake Trotter: I put Tech 8th because of the QB situation. If Brewer were healthy and starting, that rank would have been different.

Greg (Germany): What do you need to see from Texas in the first three weeks to make you a believer that they've got a Big 12 title run in them?

Jake Trotter: I need to see them not get shelled by Oklahoma in Dallas.

Erik (Austin, TX): Regarding the Horns, how concerned should Texas fans be about (Adrian) Phillips and (Mykkele) Thompson at the safety positions? They weren't very good last year.

Jake Trotter: Hearing good things about Texas' secondary this preseason, including the safeties. Has a chance to be elite. That said, you could have said the same thing this time last year.

Paul U. (Brownwood, TX): Please explain how UCLA is ranked ahead of Baylor when the Bears completely manhandled them in the Holiday Bowl and return an even better defense. Don't tell me it's inexperience at QB. Last time I checked, Art Briles is still coaching there.

Jake Trotter: I would put Baylor ahead of UCLA. Unfortunately, nobody listens to me.

Cole (Arkansas): ESPN is calling our offense "zone-read style." Is this accurate? I thought (Josh) Heupel said he would only run the QB sparingly?

Jake Trotter: Think Colin Kaepernick/Nevada. That's the offense OU will be running.

Paul R. (Ames, Iowa): Do you like Ames, Iowa?

Jake Trotter: Been to Ames twice. Love Ames. Great tailgate scene.

Fred (rural Iowa): ISU has a history of upsets, who could they snip this year?

Jake Trotter: The Cyclones have been a giant killer. Here's a prediction. The Clones take down either TCU, Texas or OSU in Ames this year. Going to happen. It always does.

Jeremy (Houston): Which of the true freshmen QBs will start for Texas Tech on Friday?

Jake Trotter: Has to be Davis Webb, right? If it's Baker Mayfield, it's a great story. But you have to wonder about the QB situation in Lubbock if a walk-on true freshman can stroll in there and take the starting job.