Chat wrap: Texas Tech's rise, Texas' fall

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 blog on Friday:

Hopeful (Red Raider): Odds that Texas Tech is 7-0 when going to Norman to meet OU?

Jake Trotter: Pretty decent. The West Virginia game on the road is the biggest obstacle. But Tech can certainly win there.

Ed (Queens Village): Are the Big 12’s two best teams Oklahoma and Oklahoma State?

Jake Trotter: I put Baylor in that tier, too.

marc dear (Lubbock, Texas): So do you think Texas Tech is a Big 12 contender now?

Jake Trotter: Not quite yet. I want to see more. To me, it's Baylor-OSU-OU in the top tier, with Tech looming there in the 4 spot. They can play their way up there, though, for sure.

jay (Oklahoma): What odds would you give on Texas firing Mack Brown midseason, if they lost to KSU and got trounced in Dallas?

Jake Trotter: Who would they make the interim coach?

Kris (Des Moines): Can this conference survive the realignment nonsense with OSU and Baylor being the bell cows for the conference?

Jake Trotter: Bottom line, if Texas and OU aren't carrying their weight, the Big 12 is going to be viewed as a subpar conference. Just like if Ohio State and Michigan in the Big Ten, USC and Oregon in the Pac-12, Florida State and Miami in the ACC. When the flagships struggle, the conference perception is going to suffer.

Patrick (Louisville): On a scale of 1-to-Frantic, how worried should I be about TCU's offense? Is this a Boykin problem, a line problem or a receivers problem?

Jake Trotter: Two spots left of frantic. The problem is all of those things. Boykin isn't being patient enough in the pocket, the o-line is getting beat up front, and the WRs aren't going up and making plays. Saw too many alligator arms from the WRs in that Tech game. It's a mess, and TCU could be in real trouble if some of these aren't corrected fast.

Mark (Tulsa): Three weeks in, who's your favorite to win the Big 12? (It's Texas, isn't it?)

Jake Trotter: Have seen no compelling reason to back off my preseason pick, which was Oklahoma State.

Hoov (Morgantown, WV): Any thoughts on WVU vs. Maryland at Ravens Stadium this weekend? How do you see WVU faring in the Big 12 this year? What a chance they let slip away at OU.

Jake Trotter: You have to wonder, if Holgorsen had been playing the right QB, would that OU game have turned out different? This is a big game for WV. Could be a nice springboard for Ford Childress and the rest of the season.

JakeJones (OKC): To date which big 12 team is your biggest surprise/disappointment?

Jake Trotter: Surprise: Tech; Disappointment: Texas

Cy (Ames, Iowa): Will State pull off the big win this year against Texas on Thursday night, or will it end in a tie?

Jake Trotter: I don't know. Iowa State is worrying me. They just don't look very impressive so far.