Chat wrap: BCS bids, JW Walsh, KSU-UT

Thank you for all the questions during my chat, it's much appreciated. You can read the full transcript here.

Amber (Oklahoma) In the case of a two or three way tie in the big12 do you see 2 teams getting BCS bowl bids or is the big12 just not strong enough this season to get the nod?

Brandon Chatmon I doubt it Amber. The Big 12 hasn't looked very strong in non-conference play so national perception probably won't put the conference in position to have 2 BCS teams.

jon (Tulsa) Why isn't OSU QB J.W. Walsh considered a star. He led the nation in rushing for a quarterback in week one then he threw more TD's than incompletions in week 2.

Brandon Chatmon That's a good question Jon. I think Walsh is performing as well as any quarterback in the league and should be mentioned whenever talking about Big 12 quarterbacks. For him to get more love nationally, he'll have to excel in big games this fall.

Brian (Kc) Biggest Key in the Kstate-Texas game?

Brandon Chatmon Texas' ability to stop the run and whoever wins the turnover battle. If I'm Mack Brown and Greg Robinson, I'm focused on forcing turnovers. I mean, it's not like we're stopping anybody anyway...

John (Kentucky) Would the winner of KSU-Texas get back into the Big 12 race, or are those two both too far gone for saving?

Brandon Chatmon I think they can get back in the race. Those teams still have their destiny in their hands because they still play everyone in the Big 12. So all they really have to worry about is themselves and get their own issues together.

Careful (Red Raider) Tech should be 6-0 going into the game with WV at their house. With a possibly undefeated OU looming after that game, the prospect of being 7-0 when playing OU AND the fact that WV is underwhelming this year, does this make a trap game for the Red Raiders?

Brandon Chatmon I definitely wouldn't be overlooking West Virginia in that scenario. The Mountaineers aren't an easy draw in Morgantown. You're right, the Red Raider might want to... "tread lightly" (Walter White voice)