Q&A: Baylor S Ahmad Dixon

Baylor has started this season the way it finished off the last -- red-hot. Dating back to 2012, the Bears have now won six straight games. But it hasn’t just been Baylor’s high-powered offense. Since last November, Baylor defense has been solid, allowing an average of just 24 points per game over the six-game winning streak.

Senior safety Ahmad Dixon, one of the leaders of the Bears defense, spoke with ESPN.com about Baylor’s goals for this season, whether this defense is for real and just how difficult it is to stop the Baylor offense in practice:

Jake Trotter: What is the goal for this team?

Ahmad Dixon: The No. 1 goal right now is to win the Big 12. And in order for us to win the Big 12, we have to take it one game at a time, one week at a time, one play at a time. We can’t get overwhelmed by the schedule. You can’t think about more than what’s at hand. We have to focus on whoever we’re playing that week. This week our only focus is ULM. We’re not worried about anything else. That’s the only way we can reach that goal as a time.

Trotter: In the past, you guys have talked about winning the Big 12. But was it more wishful thinking then? And does this season have a different feel?

Dixon: Yeah, it was more so wishful thinking. Not to say our teams weren’t as good in the past. It’s just we had a lot of guys growing up, a lot of guys maturing on the run. Mainly speaking for the defense, we’ve had a lot of young guys on the defense. Guys who were thrown in there as sophomores who had never really played. We’ve never given ourselves the chance defensively to reach these goals. And the defense has never given the offense a chance to come close to reaching these goals. Now guys defensively are in tune, they know what’s going on.

Trotter: Is this defense for real?

Dixon: A hundred percent. We’re getting better every day. Coaches are coaches, but it’s different when the players are playing and the players are coaching. That makes the job for our coaches easier. That way they can just focus on making sure we’re prepared right.

Trotter: What you guys did at the end of last year against Kansas State, Oklahoma State, UCLA, does that give you confidence for this year?

Dixon: Those were great teams that we played. We didn’t just beat bottom of the barrel teams. Those were contender teams we beat and we’re still fueling from that. We’re still rolling off that. We’re about to pick it up another now.

Trotter: How good is this offense you face in practice?

Dixon: They’re great. You get to see so many different guys do so many different things so many different ways. It’s more guys. Not just Kendall Wright or Terrance Williams. The whole wide receiving corps is great. It’s not just one guy. You have several guys. And you have great running backs, Lache Seastrunk, ?Glasgo Martin, Shock Linwood.

Trotter: And an offensive line that will block you, right?

Dixon: Thank you very much. I’m pretty sure the guys on this offensive line will be in the NFL. It’s a great offense. Coach (Art) Briles has done a great job bring the guys in he wants to run this offense the way he wants to run it.

Trotter: Last question -- your favorite local place to eat in Waco?

Dixon: Little hole in the wall spot called the Real Deal Soul Food. I could eat there any given day any given time. I enjoy eating there.