Chat wrap: Texas Tech fans call out Baylor

Thanks for all your questions in today's lively chat, which featured Texas Tech and Baylor fans going back and forth on one another. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 blog on Friday:

Michael (Waco, Texas): Jake, what do you think about Baylor so far? Do you think they're 7-0 going into Thursday night with OU in November? Do you think the defense can keep up what they're doing?

Jake Trotter: Michael, I've been very impressed with Baylor. People like to say they haven't played anybody. And that's true. But they've been destroying the people they have been playing. I don't see anyone stopping Baylor from getting to 7-0.

K-State0 (Manhattan, Kan.): Is it time we finally get to see what Daniel Sams can do throwing the football? Jake Waters has an arm but he is a turnover machine, can't run, and when he does, he uses the butt fumble. Frustrated in Manhattan...

Jake Trotter: I get it. I thought it was curious, too, that Sams didn't play more in Austin. Seems they're afraid to let Sams throw, too. Might as well find out at some point, because Sams is a difference-maker with his wheels.

Amber (Oklahoma): Whats the deal with Ben Grogan? Only two field goal attempts in the first three games.... Is that a sign [Mike] Gundy doesnt trust him or just that OSU was having such good luck getting into the end zone?

Jake Trotter: OSU has converted all 15 red-zone opportunities into TDs. That's why Grogan has only two FG attempts.

Phillip (A stadium near you): Jake, what does this trip to South Bend mean to the Oklahoma team?

Jake Trotter: It's big. If Oklahoma wants to be anything more than a 9-3 afterthought, it's a game they have to win. The good thing is, this looks more like a winnable game than it did a month ago. And if the Sooners prevail, they will start to generate a lot of buzz as a team that can contend on the national stage.

Frank (Texas): Everyone has deserted the TCU bandwagon. As poor as the offense has looked so far this season, I can't say I blame them. That said, most of the Big 12 has looked very shaky so far. You seeing any hope for the Frogs, or should we start planning for 2014?

Jake Trotter: I do and I don't. I think TCU will figure things out offensively. The problem is, the Frogs go to OU and OSU in the next month. That Baylor game looks daunting, too. Even if the offense begins to click, it's difficult to see TCU doing any better than 8-4 or 7-5, given the schedule.

Randy (KC): Should Okie State be licking their chops right now heading into Morgantown or should they be somewhat worried knowing WVU will be motivated to not let disaster hit two weeks in a row? I know OSU is heavily favored and I see them winning, but I see WVU coming out ready to play and making a game out of it.

Jake Trotter: I'd be licking my chops. That West Virginia offense doesn't look like it can do much against anybody. And on a bad day, OSU is going to score 35 points against most teams.

Chuck (WV): Jake, I am getting disgusted with a lot of my fellow Mountaineers fans. Several of them are calling for Dana Holgorsen to be fired and how we were never this bad with Bill Stewart and so on. Am I out of line by saying that no matter how this (rebuilding) year goes, Holgorsen should be given a chance to coach next year? Our team is very young and the best players on our team are freshmen and sophomores.

Jake Trotter: Agreed, I think it's too early to cut tail and run. Next year is the key year for Holgorsen. If he doesn't win 8-9 games, then I think it might be time to re-evaluate.

Ryan (Lubbock): You know if the Texans played UH every week their stats would be impressive, too...cough cough...Baylor.

Jake Trotter: The Tech-Baylor game is going to be fun this year.

Concerned (Red Raider): Be honest. How bad does the current QB situation look at Texas Tech? Baker [Mayfield] and Davis [Webb] are showing that while they are good, they are largely inexperienced and that is a glaring flaw. Would [Michael] Brewer even be a remedy for this?

Jake Trotter: I think Brewer ultimately will take over as Tech's QB. Just a matter of when.

Stephen (Dallas): If OU and Baylor are undefeated when their game roles around, is that a top-10 matchup?

Jake Trotter: Yes

Alex (OKC): If an undefeated Big XII team (Oklahoma, Okla. State or Baylor) runs the table, what chance do you give them of playing in the BCS Championship game?

Jake Trotter: An undefeated Pac-12 or ACC champ would go over the Big 12. So would an undefeated Ohio State.

Garrett (Ames): I don't want to give up yet on Iowa State, but their offense has really looked bad so far this year. What do u think they need to do to turn things around? Thanks.

Jake Trotter: I would try to get Aaron Wimberly the ball. They need to find out if he can handle the touches and make plays with them.

Josh (Dallas): Jake, explain to me the difference between Tech thumping poor teams under the Mike Leach umbrella and Baylor doing it under Briles. Also, Bryce Petty getting Heisman attention when it is clear he is just a "system quarterback?"

Jake Trotter: Depends which Tech team we're talking... the 2008 Tech team had NFL talent. So does this Baylor team.

Ryan (Houston): Baylor is good, but there is not one person that can say their defense has improved yet. It's a joke what teams they've played; it's almost a disservice to their team. Just wait until conference play starts. I promise you that Baylor is going to struggle.

Jake Trotter: We'll see.

Chase (Dallas): Can anyone stop Baylor's offense?

Jake Trotter: Apparently because Baylor has played no one yet, their offense is going to get shut down by all the great defenses of the Big 12.

Sam (Memphis): Is it just me or are Tech fans pretty touchy about Baylor being pretty good?

Jake Trotter: It's not just you.