Big 12 fantasy football: Week 5

Well, this was dumb. On a weekend with only four Big 12 games, we figured it wasn’t worth the time to ravage our Big 12 fantasy football rosters, cutting bench players left and right to accommodate such a light week.

So we just let it ride. We played the guys we already had. It did not go well (at least for myself).

Jake Trotter earned the win this week, and we won’t put an asterisk on it. Trotter got 102 points from his team, led by a whopping 29 points put up by the TCU defense against SMU.

Brandon finished second with a solid 59 points, most of them coming from J.W. Walsh. And your truly got 37 points from his team. Let’s not talk about it. Many waiver wire moves will be made this week, that’s for sure.

The leading scorers in the Big 12 this week were the Frog defense and Walsh, who also put up 29. West Virginia running back Charles Sims led all backs and receivers in fantasy scoring with 20 points. Here’s how our horribly assembled teams fared:

Jake Trotter’s Team

RB Charles Sims, WVU – 20

RB Damien Williams, OU – 14

FLEX Waymon James, TCU – 11

WR Tracy Moore, OSU – 14

WR Sterling Shepard, OU – 14

D TCU Defense – 29

Total: 102

Brandon Chatmon’s Team

QB J.W. Walsh, OSU – 29

WR Jalen Saunders, OU – 4

TE Cody Clay, WVU – 2

D Oklahoma State Defense – 15

K Michael Hunnicutt, OU - 9

Total: 59

Max Olson’s Team

WR Josh Stewart, OSU – 19

WR Brandon Carter, TCU – 3

D Oklahoma Defense – 15

Total: 37