Chat wrap: Tech, Baylor, QBs, bowl teams

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat today. You can read the full transcript here.

Mike (Stroud, Ok.): What are your thoughts on Baylor. It seems like they were missing something in dispatching an average KSU. What happens when they meet a really good offensive team?

Max Olson: Mike, the thing that catches your eye when you look at that box score is Baylor rushing for 114 yards vs. KSU and getting 59 from Lache Seastrunk. We knew this would happen eventually, that somebody was going to try to take away one aspect of Baylor's offensive attack. The Bears responded well with a rare road victory this time. But you're right, when they get in a real shootout with somebody, it could get real interesting.

Ed (Queens Village): Can Texas win Big 12?

Max Olson: If they beat TCU and Oklahoma State, they're going to be in great shape. Those are the toughest games coming up on the schedule. Get past those and then it gets interesting. Texas finishes with TTU and on the road against Baylor. Not ideal.

Jim (Shreveport): WHERE'S JAKE?!?!?

Max Olson: I believe Jake is currently sitting down with Kliff Kingsbury out in Lubbock. Safe to say they're probably talking football and fashion right now, not that Trotter is a big V-neck guy.

Hanging On (Kansas): Do you find it odd that Jake Waters has had so much trouble with turnovers considering his prior accomplishments prior to coming to KSU? I know the competition is considerably greater than JUCO but it seems like fundementally he's just not making the right decisions.. I mean, we're talking about a guy that threw 37 TDs and only 3 INTs last year. What gives?

Max Olson: That's a great question. Not all juco quarterbacks take the world by storm like Cam Newton did. There's an adjustment period, for sure, and Waters is dealing with that. You're right, though, his previous stats suggested immediate success for Waters. I'd say give him some more time, these upcoming games vs. WVU and ISU should help - unless Sams takes over the job.

Craig M. (Dallas): I know college football fans are prone to overreaction, but Bell's job can't be secure, right? There was a reason he wasn't QB1 to start the season. You said yourself (or you quoted someone, can't remember) the competition with Knight wasn't even close.

Max Olson: It's surprisingly secure right now, which might say a lot more about the coaching staff's feelings about Knight than about Bell. The fact Knight didn't get a chance to enter the game against Texas, despite Bell's obvious struggles, was surprising.

Sean (Tallahassee): When all three are healthy, who tops the depth chart for the Red Raiders at QB? Also, over/under 10 wins for the boys from Lubbock this year?

Max Olson: Wrote about this a couple weeks ago, but we really don't know how good Michael Brewer can be at this point. Jace Amaro told me guys have a lot of confidence in him if he starts, and it's entirely possible he does in the near future. I'll go with Brewer just because it's so hard to tell whether Mayfield or Webb has the edge among the freshmen. I think Tech wins 9, personally.

Jay (Michigan): How do you see the TCU/Ok St game playing out? Who wins and why?

Max Olson: I'm taking Oklahoma State just because I think they get their offense back on track after getting a bye week and essentially two weeks to work out the kinks. If the Frogs lose this game, they could easily be looking at a 3-5 record entering November.

Jon (Temple, Tex.): Max,I'm having trouble seeing that the Big 12 will field 7 teams as you projected after this weekend's games. Kansas and Iowa State are in the doldrums, and West Virginia and K-State still have a ways to go at 3 wins and 4 wins short, respectively.Honestly, which of those four has the best chance at a bowl?

Max Olson: I guess I would have to go with West Virginia, just because of all those teams they actually have a decent shot at getting to 7 wins. I have a hard time seeing K-State at 6 wins right now. But you're definitely right, there is a chance that only 6 end up making bowls after 9 did so last year.

Winston Bishop (LA): Fried Chicken or Chicken Fried Steak?

Max Olson: Can I say both?