Chat wrap: Big 12 favorite, 1st half honors

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat, I appreciate a couple of guys sneaking out of practice to ask a question, you can read the full transcript here.

Joy (Arkansas) Now that Baylor has had some stiffer competition and on the road, what is your take on the team overall? Please comment on the Big 12 suspending Corey Coleman for the unflagged hit in the KSU game, but doing nothing to Mike Davis of UT.

Brandon Chatmon Baylor is the clear favorite to win the Big 12. They have an explosive offense and I really liked the way they responded in their first road game. … I thought the suspension was fine, Coleman lowered his head and it was targeting, thus the league had a clear guideline to point to when making the decision.

Andrew (Katy) After watching OU's lackluster performance against UT, they do not currently look like a threat to Baylor anymore. Baylor is darn good at home and OU doesn't have the offense to keep up. Tech and UT look like the biggest obstacles getting in the way of Baylor enjoying an unprecedented undefeated season (not too worried about OSU and TCU, even on the road). Do you think they'll still lose two games? How much of a chance do you give them to run the table?

Brandon Chatmon I still have a feeling they will lose two games, yet I don't think that will knock them out of the Big 12 title race. In our midseason second-half preview, my bold prediction was that the Big 12 champ would have two losses. I still feel that way. That said, I'm not going to say they cannot run the table because they have the talent to do that.

Lache Seastrunk (Baylor University) Do you think if they let would have let me run the ball more that the outcome of the game would have changed?

Brandon Chatmon Not really. After all, a win is a win, right Lache?

Sims (K State) Do you think I am that good of a runner or did the Baylor D make me look good?

Brandon Chatmon Hey Daniel, you're a special player, the more KSU allows you to use your talents the better off the Wildcats will be. However, while I know it is a bye week for you, I'd prefer you use this time in the film room, not chatting with me.

Drew (Houston) Offensive and defensive player of the year so far? Coach? Do you see any of them changing by season’s end?

Brandon Chatmon I fully expect these to change but I've got Kingsbury, Petty and Hyder. I give Hyder the nod because I think DTs cause more problems than a great CB like TCU's Jason Verrett. That's the toughest one for me though.

Anna (Austin) Were the football gods just smiling on us last weekend in Dallas, or has Texas finally figured out who they are?

Brandon Chatmon I think they finally figured out that Johnathan Gray is pretty darn good. Let's get him the ball until someone stops it. And that should be the plan in every game from this point on, I don't care who they are playing.