Chat wrap: BCS, future of Big 12

Thanks everyone for all of questions during my chat. You can read the full transcript here.

Casey (Michigan) Hey Brandon- do you think that there will be an all Big-12 BCS Bowl (Fiesta, Sugar, any bowl w/ an at-large slot), Baylor and Texas Tech, if they tie for the Big 12? They both could go 12-0 or 11-1. And yes, this has happened before. 2011 NCG, Bama vs. LSU (should've been Oklahoma State vs. LSU, .041 point diff. in the final BCS bowl, *cringes*).

Brandon Chatmon No. I don't see that happening. Too much has to fall just right for the Big 12 in order for that to happen and the national perception of the conference will hurt a bit.

Daje Johnson (Austin, TX) When do you think they are going to realize that I need to touch the ball more than 5 times a game? I believe I can be Texas' "DAT". You know that DAT from Oregon.

Brandon Chatmon I feel for you, Daje. Hopefully your punt return against Oklahoma will spark something but I'm not holding my breath. If it was up to me, you get 15-20 touches per game, in a bunch of different ways.

Taylor (missouri) What is the chances of Oklahoma State coming back from a rough loss from West Virginia to be on top of the Big 12 conference?

Brandon Chatmon I think they can do it but they have to get better play from their offensive line and running backs. I don't think OSU is out of the race by any means.

Kelly (Denver, CO) Brandon, in the next five years who do you see having the most overall success, as a program, in the big twelve? Not just wins and losses, but recruiting, coaching improvements, and even support from students and the alumni. I am a Tech alumn and am very optimistic for the future, but recognize Baylor is setting themselves up well if they can hang on to Briles, UT will be back eventually, and OU isn't going anywhere.

Brandon Chatmon It would be hard for me to bet against Baylor right now. They're doing all the right things in Waco.

James brewer (anchorage ak) Because the tigers and aggies have taken their spread offenses and had no problem scoring and winning sec games and given the fact that the ducks PHYSICALLY dominated the Vols while that same Vols team beat s.c. and took georgia to OT while having no problem running the ball (oregon stuffed their running game) doesn't all this make it obvious that the SEC's perceived physical superiority is largely a myth and a product of sec and espn hype machines? And please don/t tell me about national championships, college football has never had one.

Brandon Chatmon I don't think the SEC is on the level this year that it has been in the past, I'd say that's pretty clear at this point. That said, someone needs to actually win a BCS title... until then. All the SEC has to say: "Scoreboard"

Chance (Birmingham) Does Johnny Gray or Malcolm Brown break 100yds against TCU this weekend?

Brandon Chatmon I doubt it. TCU will make Case McCoy beat them.

Thorin Oakenshield (Lonely Mountain) What are you predictions for this weeks games?

Brandon Chatmon I've got Baylor, OSU, Tech, TCU, K-State.

Marcus Smart (Stillwater, OK) Forget about the pigskin Brandon, did I steal the show this week by laying down the gauntlet with the youngster Andrew Wiggins?

Brandon Chatmon Haha. Yeah Marcus, you dropped some knowledge. I liked it because it showed some of your competitive fire. And it was 100% correct.

Chris (OKC) There is a lot of young talent in the Big 12 across all teams, who stands out the most?

Brandon Chatmon It's interesting because there's not one team that stands out. Like you I think there are several talented teams. Which means I think the Big 12 will be wide open for years to come.