Chat wrap: Baylor/OU, Texas D, TTU QBs

Thanks for the questions during my chat everyone, you can read the full transcript here.

Trevor (Miami, FL) Which do you prefer: A team that wins all its games or one with losses but lots of "style points"?

Brandon Chatmon Winning is all that I care about.

Drew (Houston) What do you see being the biggest matchup in the BU vs OU game? OU's secondary against Baylor's speedy receivers? OU's front seven against BU's rushing attack? OU's RBs against Baylor's front seven? What group in your opinion will be the difference-makers in this game? I know we still have a week ... but I think we can all say we are very excited for this game, best B12 game so far this season.

Brandon Chatmon I'm looking forward to this game as well, Drew. I think the game will be decided by OU's front seven against Baylor's running game. Lache Seastrunk and the BU rushing attack make the whole offense go in my opinion.

Steve (Ardmore) Chances OU will be able to run the ball/control the clock well enough to hold the Bears under 40 points?

Brandon Chatmon If K-State did it, why can't OU? Just because the game is in Waco?

Eric (Midland ) Brandon, How do you think Tech's run defense will handle Desmond Roland and Oklahoma State's run scheme after Oklahoma exposed them last week.

Brandon Chatmon That's the big question. I think they will handle it better than last week. I think their defensive line will have more success against OSU OL than it had against OU's line. OSU has had issues along its offensive front for the entire season, I think TTU can take advantage of that.

Louis (Ft. Worth) Who has to step up the most on defense for Oklahoma to beat Baylor next week?

Brandon Chatmon Eric Striker.

Manny Diaz (Unemployment line) Was I that bad of coach? The Longhorns are now, through the past few games, one of the best defenses in the league and with me ... well, you know. What was I doing wrong?

Brandon Chatmon Looks like it. But you aren't the first coach who tried to make the game harder than it needed to be. You have a BUNCH of friends in that camp.

Kris (Dallas) Do you think Kliff Kingsbury should have pulled Davis Webb and put in Baker Mayfield or even Michael Brewer coming out of halftime?

Brandon Chatmon Do you? If so why? I thought Davis handled himself well. It strikes me as odd that Tech fans seem to always be trying to replace their quarterback when they're about to enter November with one loss in the first season with a new coach. ... Lofty expectations in Lubbock, I suppose.