Chat wrap: Baylor's title chance, OSU-Texas

Thanks for all your questions in Tuesday's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 mailbag Friday:

Joy (Arkansas): Please tell me what you thought of the Bears' performance on Thursday night and how you think the game against Tech will go.

Jake Trotter: I was very impressed with the Bears' performance, particularly the defense. But I could actually see the Tech game being a little tougher than Vegas is indicating. This Tech team has pride, and coming off a three-game losing streak, I think they'll give Baylor everything they have. That won't be enough. But I could see the margin being half what the point spread is.

Jarred Rice (Fort Myers, Fla.): As a Baylor fan, who should I root for in the Texas vs. Oklahoma State game?

Jake Trotter: Oklahoma State. Beating a top 10 Oklahoma State team on the road would be more impressive than beating a top 20 Texas team at home.

Craig (Manhattan): How good are K-State's chances to win out from here, and if they do, what bowl would you see them going to?

Jake Trotter: Pretty good. I like their chances against OU in two weeks. If they ran the table, they'd be 8-4, in the mix there with OU and Tech. Assuming Baylor/Texas/OSU took the Fiesta/Cotton/Alamo bowls, the Buffalo Wild Wings and Holiday bowls would be possibilities. But if say OSU or Texas lost twice here down the stretch, K-State could sneak into the Alamo.

Josh (Keller, Texas): What will be Texas' biggest worry about OSU? What are the keys for an OSU victory?

Jake Trotter: If I'm Texas, I'm worried about getting gashed on the ground the way Tech did. Also, OSU's back seven is very good, and they ballhawk; Case McCoy has to be careful with the ball. If OSU runs for more than 250 yards and Clint Chelf doesn’t turn the ball over, I like the Cowboys chances.

Dillon Chase (Fort Worth, TX): Who is Baylor's toughest opponent this season? Who has the best chance of beating them?

Jake Trotter: Beating Oklahoma State in Stillwater will be tougher than beating Texas in Waco.

Nick (Overland Park, KS): How bad does KU suck? How much longer for the Charlie Weis era?

Jake Trotter: Bad, but they are showing signs of improvement. I'd be interested to see what KU would look like with Montell Cozart in there for the full game. Regardless, KU can't fire Weis. They have to give him more time. This wasn't going to get turned around overnight.

Randall (Oklahoma): Is Baylor a better team than the RG III era?

Jake Trotter: Yes. Better RBs. Better defense. Better OL.

rtXC1 (Denison, Texas): OSU did not look great against KU. Why should anyone believe that OSU can beat Texas?

Jake Trotter: Did Texas look all that great at West Virginia? Or for that matter, the week before against Kansas?

Hank Hill (Arlen): Nick Saban to Texas is a rumor that just won't die; any REAL basis for it right now?

Jake Trotter: Oh, there is basis. I mean, his agent WAS reportedly talking to a Texas regent.

Rocky (Philadelphia): How much longer until Texas returns to BCS status?

Jake Trotter: Could be four weeks.

Manny (Lubbock): Who do you think Kliff Kingsbury goes with for starting QB Saturday in Arlington?

Jake Trotter: I would go with Webb.

Mike H. (New York): Hey Jake, as a lifelong OU fan living in New York and taking pride in the tradition, commitment to excellence, PLEASE explain to me why NO ONE is talking about Kendal Thompson?

Jake Trotter: Everyone is talking about Kendal Thompson. Well, everyone except the OU coaching staff. He hasn't gotten any reps in practice since the foot injury. That is probably why the staff is gun shy about giving him a chance now. But what do they have to lose from the position at this point?

Ed (TX): Wouldn't you rate Bill Snyder's achievements at KSU better than Art Briles' at Baylor? I don't think Baylor was a complete doormat like the Cats.

Jake Trotter: What Art Briles has accomplished at Baylor has been phenomenal. But Baylor had some moments in the SWC under Grant Teaff. Before Snyder, K-State had no moments. K-State in the 1980s was as automatic as an automatic win could be.