Chat wrap: UT, K-State, BCS berths

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat, you can find the full transcript here.

Jack McDonald (Atlanta, Georgia) Has Texas proved themselves yet?

Brandon Chatmon That's a great question. The Longhorns look like a championship team one moment then a mistake-filled team the next. I'd say they've proven they're moving in the right direction but I'm not ready to guarantee an undefeated Big 12 record quite yet.

rtXC1 (Denison, TX) This week's "C" game is TCU vs KSU. If TCU can keep playing good defense and Boykin can get going in his athlete role, does TCU has a legitimate shot at stealing one?

Brandon Chatmon Anytime you can play defensive like TCU, you have a shot. But K-State is playing as well as anyone in the conference right now. They're sound defensively and explosive offensively. I've got the Wildcats winning this one. I do like what TCU is doing with Boykin though.

Blake (KC) I always see K-State football recruiting way down the list in all the rankings. I know it hasn't mattered, because Snyder will coach them up. But will we ever see some strong recruiting out of Manhattan? Do we need to?

Brandon Chatmon I don't think you need to. K-State goes after the players who fit in its system and will help them win, they don't care about recruiting rankings. It's worked to this point, I don't see any reason to change.

RJ (OK) OU's offensive coordinator (play-caller) next year is A) still Heupel or B) someone else?

Brandon Chatmon Someone else... I'd vote Peyton Manning.

Jason (Texas) Should Texas fans be content with an appearance in the Cotton Bowl as opposed to the Fiesta Bowl?

Brandon Chatmon After the way the season started they should be content with any bowl... but both of those would be great results for UT.

John Evans (Oklahoma City, OK) Do you think Fresno State is worthy of their ranking and deserving of playing in a BCS bowl? I'm not going to lie, I haven't watched them play a game this season. I've looked at their schedule though and they really haven't played an opponent that makes me think highly of them. The 2010 TCU team was good, actually had more than one ranked opponent on their schedule, and beat a good Wisconsin team at the rose bowl. I just don't think its fair to teams that are ranked lower in more competitive conferences to have a BCS bid stolen from them from another team who has had a good season in a weaker conference. Your thoughts?

Brandon Chatmon Why not give Fresno State a shot? It's not like those other teams didn't have the opportunity to cement themselves a BCS bid. It's not Fresno's fault they didn't.

Scott M. (Iowa) Being an Iowa State fan, I'm already looking towards next year. With incoming recruit Allen Lazard and a decent class for Iowa State standards, and a fairly young team overall, do you think they could be a bowl eligible team come next year? Or is it a wait and see time period in Ames, Iowa?

Brandon Chatmon I think ISU can get it turned around and return to a bowl next season. They have a lot of guys getting much needed experience and hunger right now that could pay off in 2014. So I don't think you'll have to wait for several years before they get back to a bowl game.