Q&A: West Virginia RB Charles Sims

The Big 12's leading rusher in conference play is not Lache Seastrunk. It’s not Johnathan Gray.

That distinction currently belongs to Charles Sims, the West Virginia senior who has 576 rushing yards and six touchdowns in his first seven conference games.

The Houston transfer enrolled at WVU in July and has made the most of his opportunities ever since, accounting for a Big 12-best 1,189 yards from scrimmage this season.

Right now, all he’s focused on is getting two more wins and sending the Mountaineers bowling. He’s not ready for his college career to end just yet. We caught up with Sims this week to discuss his big move northeast and, of course, the unfriendly weather he’s now facing.

It’s been an up and down season for West Virginia, but how is it going for you?

Charles Sims: Oh, it’s going great. I just keep on pushing. We’re trying to finish strong. That’s the goal. We want to finish strong, no matter our situation.

What have you learned from playing seven games against Big 12 defenses?

CS: You’ve just got to come out and play every game, no matter who you’re playing against. In the Big 12, you’ve got to come out and play and play hard. Every game is a physical game for four quarters. You’ve got to come out and play four quarters.

What do you think of the job Paul Millard did filling in last week for Clint Trickett?

CS: I think he did a great job. He was very comfortable being put in that situation. I think he did a great job. It’s just a mindset that you go out there and give in your all. I saw it in everybody (against Texas). We all left it all on the field.

Are you keeping up with your buddies at Houston? They’re having a pretty good season.

CS: I keep up every now and then. I’ve got a couple of my buddies still on the team, the two cornerbacks. So every time they call me they update me on what’s going on and stuff. I watch them on TV. I watched a couple games.

How does the offense Dana Holgorsen runs compare to the one you were used to under Kevin Sumlin at Houston?

CS: Everything is similar, it’s a similar offense. It’s just different terminology and stuff. I didn’t really have to learn as much coming in, just the terminology.

OK, how does Morgantown compare to Houston?

CS: Oh, it’s way different. You know it gets cold up here. I ain’t used to the cold, I’m kind of getting used to it. It’s just way different with all of the hills, you know, and I’m used to being in the city. But I’ve kind of adjusted to it. I’m doing great.

Are you loading up on winter coats right now?

CS: Oh yeah. They’ve got some big coats down here. I walked outside this morning and it was snowing and I was like, “Oh, OK.” I ain’t never seen no snow like this before. I’ve never seen it snow like it’s snowing out here.

How different is the environment there during games? It seemed pretty loud and wild during the Texas game.

CS: It’s crazy. That’s one thing I love about being down here. The fans support you no matter what. That’s what I love about it. You’re playing in front of 60,000. That’s crazy.

Has this move been everything you hoped it would be when you chose West Virginia?

CS: Oh yeah, it’s been great. I’m enjoying myself in the Big 12.

No matter how this season pans out, are you glad you ended up a Mountaineer? Any regrets?

CS: Oh no, no regrets. No regrets. You don’t ever want to look back. I think I made the right decision. Life is all about risk. I’m very comfortable where I’m at in my life right now, very comfortable with these guys and the situation I’m in right now.