Deep in the heart of Texas starting quarterbacks

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

There's an interesting story in the Dallas Morning News today written by Chuck Carlton about the preponderance of starting college quarterbacks from Texas high schools.

Carlton surveyed all of the FBS schools in the country and found that 21 of the 119 schools in the FBS are starting a quarterback from a Texas high school.

Included in the list are Robert Griffin of Baylor, Todd Reesing of Kansas, Chase Daniel of Missouri, Colt McCoy of Texas, Jerrod Johnson of Texas A&M and Graham Harrell of Texas Tech.

Interestingly, three of the Heisman contending quarterbacks from the Big 12 -- McCoy, Harrell and Daniel -- an underrated leader in Reesing and the two hottest, young quarterbacks in Griffin and Johnson all are from the same state.

Other top quarterbacks from Texas high schools include Matthew Stafford of Georgia, Brian Johnson of BCS-buster Utah and Christian Ponder of Florida State.

Carlton talked to a lot of experts who credit the start of 7-on-7 passing competitions since 1998, the rise of the spread offense and the big-time nature of playing high school football in Texas as the biggest contributors to the recent run of Texas quarterbacks.

Some might think we'll see a continued run of quarterbacks from the state. Which likely is true.

But it's hard to believe that the Big 12 will ever see a better collection of Texas quarterbacks than McCoy, Harrell and Daniel at the top. They might be the best trio of quarterbacks who played in the Big 12 at the same time in the conference's history.