Chat wrap: OSU/Baylor, WVU in Big 12

Thanks everyone for your questions during my chat, you can read the full transcript here.

Victor (Louisiana) Do you think the Baylor Bears deserve to be #3 in the bcs poll and ap poll?comments.

Brandon Chatmon Yes, they've been impressive in every way. I have no problem with them sitting at No. 3.

Jason (Raleigh NC) WVU is 6-13 since the Texas game last year. How concerned should Mountaineer fans be about the future?

Brandon Chatmon I think there is reason for concern but it's not going to be a quick fix. It's tough to just join a conference and have immediate success, it's pretty clear WVU is just now starting to understand the Big 12 and what it will take to consistently win in this league.

rtXC1 (Denison, TX) This week's "C" game is KU vs ISU. Does KU take care of business?

Brandon Chatmon I really like what KU has been able to do in the latter part of the season, particularly with Montell Cozart. Big paws on a puppy right there... So, to answer your question, yes I think KU finds a way to win again.

Kyle (Sherman) Thanks for all your work. What do you think about the QB situation at OU? I think at this point Blake Bell is pretty much 3rd string. But do you think Trevor Knight or Kendal Thompson should take over? Everyone says how Thompson had the 44-yard pass, but really he should be happy the receiver was so open, because it wasn't a very accurate throw, considering the receiver had to turn around. Plus, Knight has shown he can consistently move the ball down field. Your thoughts?

Brandon Chatmon I'd go with Knight but give Thompson the chance to continue to prove himself.

Barlet Gojani (Kosovo) Brandon is there any chance you think OSU wins just because you are from Oklahoma?

Brandon Chatmon Clearly, that's the only reason. I haven't thought about it or watched Big 12 football this season. Not to mention I'm from Colorado. A for effort though!

Mel (San Antonio) True or False, you are picking OSU just because and you have no idea why...

Brandon Chatmon I feel like I've been pretty clear.

Critic (Stafford) You mentioned you're not picking Baylor over OSU. What is your thinking? I respect OSU's defense and the crowd could be a factor, but Baylor's better in every category worth measuring. Please don't say it's because of history or road record - we all know those are excuses, not reasons.

Brandon Chatmon I guess not... to be clear: I'm picking OSU because the Cowboys have a lot of veterans on defense, including starters from the 2011 Fiesta Bowl champs, and they have a roster full of guys who rarely have lost at home. I don't think Baylor will just roll into Stillwater and embarrass Oklahoma State. But I've been wrong before…

Waldo (TN) Which injury is more key for Baylor to overcome? Spencer Drango or Bryce Hager?....Seems to me it would be Hager since Baylor will need the speed at LB to help contain OSU's run game.

Brandon Chatmon I lean, slightly, toward Drango. I think the rest of BU's defense has the athletes to make up for the loss of Hager if he's out. But to lose your left tackle this late in the season is tough, and it's not like their offensive system is built so they can have an extra blocker over there to chip the DE/blitzer as OSU tries to attack that position.