Chat wrap: Texas, Cumbie, Holgorsen

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A sampling of today's chat:

Go Pokes! (Colorado): With the retirement of Mack Brown, should Okie State fans be worried that Texas might want to hire Mike Gundy?

Jake Trotter: It doesn't sound like Gundy will be at the top of the list. But he'll be on the list. That said, would Texas hire someone who is 1-8 lifetime against Oklahoma? One of the reasons Mack Brown had to retire was because he couldn't consistently defeat OU.

Randy (Pampa): Hi, Jake. I know everyone is going to ask you who you think will be the next coach at Texas, so I won't bother to. … Oh, who am I trying to fool? I gotta know! Who do you think will be the next coach at Texas?

Jake Trotter: Safest bet is James Franklin. He's a guy they can definitely get, and a guy they will definitely target.

Chase (Dallas): What do you think of Sonny Cumbie heading over to TCU?

Jake Trotter: I thought it was strange initially. But after hearing Cumbie's explanation, it makes sense. He basically wants to be where Kliff Kingsbury is someday. And it was going to be very difficult getting there where he was, coaching WRs with little input in the offensive game planning. Cumbie is a great recruiter, very energetic. I like what Gary Patterson has done so far this offseason.

Sooner in Texas (Texas): How do you leave Jordan Phillips, Keith Ford off your underclassmen list? Those two will be incredible next year. Truly shocking and shows poor judgment on your part.

Jake Trotter: As I mentioned in the post, the all-underclassman team was about 2013 performance, not 2014 potential. Both have bright futures. Neither played enough this year to warrant recognition for this team.

Austin (Austin, Texas): Where do you see Baker Mayfield going?

Jake Trotter: I've heard he has his sights set high. I think all the non-AQ schools in Texas are possibilities (SMU, Rice, North Texas). I know he wants to play somewhere in a major conference. But it will require one of those schools offering him a scholly, which is something most of them didn't do in the winter.

Bob (Waco): Is there any chance some UT recruits change commitments with Mack leaving?

Jake Trotter: I get the sense most players commit to Texas more than they commit to the coach, though I'm sure many of those commitments will be watching closely to see who the new coach is.

Kevin (Reno, Nev.): The Big XII needs a big time coaching addition to the conference, not for Texas to poach one from a fellow school. Agree or disagree?

Jake Trotter: It would be better for the conference if Texas poached outside the league, rather than inside it. I agree.

shrubsooner (Oklahoma): Oklahoma State or Mizzou?

Jake Trotter: I give Oklahoma State a slight edge. They have a CB in Justin Gilbert who can match up with DGB.

Big Sean (KCMO): Yea, we will see if Okie State's corner can match up with DGB or any of Mizzou's wideouts. …

Way to be a Big 12 homer!!!

Jake Trotter: Justin Gilbert was a Thorpe finalist. Try to keep up.

Leon (WV): Are we dumping Dana Holgorsen after this disaster?

Jake Trotter: Dana will be back in 2014, but he will be on the hot seat. The problem is, will West Virginia be able to bounce back far enough to save his job? West Virginia plays Alabama at Maryland, at Oklahoma State, at Texas, at Texas Tech, Baylor, OU -- they would have to win at least one of those games just to make a bowl. Gonna be tough.

Shrub (Oklahoma): Do you think Charlie Weis ever turns it around? And have you heard of that program getting any top recruits?

Jake Trotter: Weis actually has a decent class coming in. LB Kyron Watson, C Jacob Bragg and RB Traevohn Wrench are all four-star players. Next year is a big year. The key might be QB Montell Cozart. He needs to take the next step.

Jim (Colo.): Do you think Colorado and Nebraska anticipated being this poor after leaving the Big 12? I think Bo Pelini is the problem in Lincoln but I have no idea why Colorado is a complete doormat.

Jake Trotter: I agree. I don't think Pelini is the answer at all in Lincoln. Strange they're keeping him. And does Colorado still field a football team? I have no idea.

Kenny (WV): How does the new juco transfer fit into the musical chairs if the WVU QB situation? Also will he qualify to be there in the spring?

Jake Trotter: Skyler Howard is another hat in the ring. I have no idea what direction Dana will go at QB. I think he wanted Ford Childress to be the guy before the injury. As bad as he was against Maryland, I might give Childress the slight edge in the spring. But he'll have to be better than he was in Baltimore.