Chat wrap: Webb, Sams, bowls

Thanks for all your questions in Tuesday's chat. Even from the surprise Missouri contingent. Here's where you can find the full transcript. If you've got more to say, send it to the Big 12 mailbag.

Below is a sampling of the chat:

TJ (El Paso): What was the most surprising thing about TTU's shellacking of ASU?

Jake Trotter: Where do I start? How about the Tech defensive line basically controlling the line of scrimmage? When is the last time that happened? Getting Dartwan Bush back seemed to really make a difference.

Derrick (Texas): Should Daniel Sams move to RB or do you think Bill Snyder will utilize the 2-QB system next year as well?

Jake Trotter: What Snyder does with Sams will be one of the more compelling storylines of the offseason. I like the idea of Sams at RB, since K-State needs someone to replace John Hubert, but does Sams have the durability and ball security to be a RB? For that reason, WR might be more likely. But K-State really needs to find a way to use Sams, who is most definitely a playmaker.

Danny (Houston): How much upside does Davis Webb have going into 2014 and even 2015?

Jake Trotter: I've been a fan of Webb all year. I felt like he has been Tech's best QB. The games against West Virginia and OU were really impressive. Then last night he was dominant. I think he showed he has tremendous upside.

Shea (Midland, Texas): Hey Jake, love the blog. Minus the "Shorthorns" embarrassing the Big 12, would you say the conference has a great shot at changing people’s perception that it's weak this year?

Jake Trotter: No doubt. Baylor obviously should win. I picked Oklahoma State, even though the Big 12 has been a disaster in the Cotton Bowl historically. And OU, hey, the Sooners have a puncher's chance to pull off the upset. A 5-1 bowl record would give the conference a pretty strong talking point heading into the College Football Playoff era.

Eric (Alabama): Care to take a shot at handicapping the Texas head coach odds?

Jake Trotter: I think the four-most likely at this point are the four they reportedly have already vetted: Jimbo Fisher, Art Briles, James Franklin and Charlie Strong.

Jordan Boss (KCMO): Jake, just keep on picking Okie Light to beat Mizzou. You are going to be eating crow. But seriously I would like your take on why you think they will beat Mizzou, because I don't see that happening. Those boys are on a mission to finish strong after winning the SEC East.

Jake Trotter: Listen, I don't feel all that convicted about it. There's no more toss-up game in the bowl season than this one. I like Oklahoma State, though, because the Cowboys have a CB in Justin Gilbert who can match up with Dorial Green-Beckham, and a defense that shouldn't let Mizzou roll up and down the field.

Sam (Oregon): How big of an impact will the loss of Jace Amaro have on Texas Tech next year?

Jake Trotter: It's a huge loss. He's the best player in the country at his position. Nobody had a player like that on their team. And neither will Tech next year.

Todd (Ohio): Ok, so I'm from Ohio, and all I hear is Ohio State fans. There was a few ESPN articles talking about Ohio State and OU and their BCS success. I'm an OU fan, so I'm biased, but which program do you think has had the better overall track record through the BCS era?

Jake Trotter: Ohio State. Buckeyes are 6-3 in the BCS. OU is 3-5. Pretty simple argument, really.

Blake (KC): I'm very optimistic about my Cats for next year. Do you think KSU can have another Snyder Magic season and make a run for the playoffs? (Say yes)

Jake Trotter: Playoffs seems a bit too optimistic. But 10 wins and a Big 12 title? Yeah, I can see that. Of course, if K-State beats Auburn then all bets are off.

Sean (KCMO): So you are telling me that Oklahoma State's defense is going to shut down DGB? Nobody in the SEC was able to. You just keep on dreaming.

Jake Trotter: Where did all these Missouri fans come from? Feeling nostalgic?

JB (Oklahoma): Jake! What's with all this Stoops to NFL talk? He wouldn't leave his OU castle after one of his best coaching jobs, would he?

Jake Trotter: I asked a high-level OU official about that report. For what it’s worth, his response: "No way."

rtXC1 (Denison, TX): Which Holiday Bowl performance was better: Baylor over UCLA in 2012 or Tech over ASU?

Jake Trotter: Baylor was more dominant, but Tech was probably more impressive, given that the Red Raiders were two-TD dogs.

RJ (OK): I think OU officials need to pony up some money to keep Briles in Waco. We don't want that guy in Austin.

Jake Trotter: I think of all the coaches being mentioned, that scenario scares fans of other Big 12 schools the most.

Andrew (MO): You certainly are a Big 12 homer.