Cornhuskers practice at Cowboys Stadium

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Bo Pelini typically doesn't like for his team to have practices at new stadiums on the day before a game.

The Nebraska coach made an exception Friday before his team's game Saturday for the Big 12 championship against Texas.

The wow factor of the $1.2 billion stadium was one big reason for Pelini to make an exception before his team's first championship game under him.

"We're going to bring our football team over here today because this is a little different environment," Pelini said. "We just wanted to make sure they saw it before we got over here Saturday."

Pelini is usually has basic demands of his team before they play in a road game.

"We do most of our work at home. In fact, this morning we did our work at home," Pelini said. "The last time I saw every field is basically 120 yards long and I've never really understood the idea.

"I've been around places where you walk in and walk around the stadium, and take your shoes off and walk around in your bare feet. I've never understood that ritual. I think our guys would rather get over to the hotel and relax and get their minds right for the next day. I guess it's just a personal preference."