Chat wrap: Strong questions, ISU hires

Thanks for your questions during my chat; you can find the full transcript here.

rtXC1 (Denison, Texas): Steve Patterson is a business man, plain and simple. I feel that by hiring Charlie Strong he pretty much said, "You wanted change, here you go." Do you think the "country club" just closed by the hiring?

Brandon Chatmon: It's possible, but if Charlie Strong starts winning championships, that will take care of that, right?

Jay (SE Kansas): Brandon, I'm already thinking about the 2014 season and hoping the Sooners have a national championship run in them. Besides Trevor Knight playing outstanding football, who else needs to step up for the Sooners to make that happen?

Brandon Chatmon: Their young defense needs to continue to get better, a threat at running back needs to emerge and they need to replace Gabe Ikard, both as a leader and all-conference anchor of the OL.

Chad (I-State): Your thoughts on Paul Rhoads' two new hires, and ISU's outlook for next year?

Brandon Chatmon: I really like the hire of Mark Mangino. I thought it was a great move by Rhoads. I'd like to see Ayeni in action before making a judgment on him, but he seems like a solid hire as well.As far as the Cyclones outlook, I think Mangino has some pieces to work with at ISU. They just need more depth and more playmakers, but I think they definitely could return to a bowl in 2014. I like Grant Rohach and Quenton Bundrage quite a bit.

DWC (Dallas): Regarding Mike Yurcich, talk me off the ledge. It seems he's overmatched at times and seems to rein in the weapons when he needs to turn them loose. Or...is it Gundy doing that?

Brandon Chatmon: I'd say give him a little time. Think about where he was a year ago. And the Cowboys were one of the Big 12's best offenses despite an inconsistent running game and OL play. He deserves his share of blame, but it seems like he's taking a bigger share than he should be. That said, he must improve, no question.

Jason (Texas): Which hire was better in your opinion? Sarkisian-USC or Strong-Texas?

Brandon Chatmon Strong... Did Sark win a BCS bowl and I missed it?

Kevin (Reno, Nev.): How disrespectful were the comments by Red McCombs? Texas hasn't won big in a while now, so to suggest that a head coach from a major program is only worth of being a Longhorns position coach is ridiculous.

Brandon Chatmon: It reeked of someone who is not used to not getting their way.