Chat wrap: Big 12 quarterbacks in 2014

Thanks for all the questions in today’s chat. You can check out the full transcript here. If you didn’t get a chance to weigh in, hit up the Big 12 mailbag, and you could see your question or comment Friday afternoon.

Below is a sample of today’s chat:

Kendall (Waco, TX): Do you think the OU hype is a little strong considering Trevor Knight had one good game all season?

Jake Trotter: There certainly is more to prove. But it's not like Knight had not been showing signs of this in practice dating back to last fall. That's why he beat out the favorite, Blake Bell, for the starting job originally. He still has work to do. But there's no doubt the talent is there, which explains the hype.

Marty farmer (Silverdale, Washington): The Wes Welker play looks to me like that was good block. I slowed the play and the ball reached the receiver the same time Welker hit Aqib Talib.

Jake Trotter: Whatever is was, it certainly wasn't a dirty play. I've never seen a player try to hurt another player by hitting him in the chest. Bill Belichick's claim is utterly ridiculous and smacks of sour grapes.

Mason Rudolph (Stillwater): Why did I fly so far under the radar nationally? Also what are the chances I get to start as a freshman and what does it mean for the Pokes if I do?

Jake Trotter: I know our ESPN scouts are very high on Rudolph, maybe more so than other recruiting sites. Whatever the case, Oklahoma State is getting a big-time QB prospect. I'm not sure Rudolph starts the opener against Florida State, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was starting by November. The talent is there, and the skill set seems to be a perfect fit for the Oklahoma State offense.

Alex (Texas): Would Charlie Strong be better going with David Ash this year since he has the experience, yet is prone to injury, or starting fresh with the mobile, young Tyrone Swoopes?

Jake Trotter: Both guys come with drawbacks. Swoopes has speed and a big arm. But can he move the chains? I don't know. Ash has the experience, and he's probably the favorite to start, but you have to wonder about someone who had to sit out an entire season because of concussion symptoms. Keep an eye on incoming freshman Jerrod Heard as well. He might have a shot to be a factor in the competition.

Okstate fan (Montana): I agree with Oklahoma State presumably taking a step back next year, even though my bias thinks they will finish higher than fifth. That being said, if we find consistency at the QB, and replace some irreplaceable parts on the defense, is it crazy to think some of the new additions and players that have waited their turn can make another double-digit win season in Stillwater?

Jake Trotter: In 2010, many people picked Oklahoma State to finish last in the Big 12 South. Then Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon came out of nowhere and the Cowboys won 11 games. So it's certainly possible. There's a lot to replace, no doubt. But the Cowboys have some young, exciting players, and Mike Gundy has shown that even in rebuilding years, the Cowboys are a threat to reach double-digit victories.

Crews (Tyler, TX): If Patrick Mahomes makes it to Tech this fall, do you think he takes over as the No. 2 or does Kliff Kingsbury redshirt him and use one of the new walk-ons to save a season of eligibility for Mahomes?

Jake Trotter: I think it's more likely that Mahomes gets redshirted down the line when the QB depth looks better. It's possible Tech brings in a transfer or signs another QB here, but if it's only Davis Webb and Mahomes in the fall, I don't see how Kingsbury can redshirt Mahomes.

Tyreek Hill (Stillwater): What are my chances of winning newcomer of the year? And is it possible the Pokes offense will be better this year, even after losing the guys we lost. Lots of youngsters with talent looking to prove themselves.

Jake Trotter: Even without Josh Stewart, Charlie Moore and Tracy Moore, I'm very bullish on Oklahoma State' skill talent. There's a bunch of up-and-comers at WR, and Tyreek Hill appears to be the top skill talent coming out of junior college this year. The key is QB play. If OSU gets it, they'll be an interesting team. If not, they'll be limited -- like they were the first half of this season

Justin (St Louis): Jake, as a paranoid Baylor fan, do you think Art Briles is assured to stay at BU (now that he said no to UT) or do you think he continued to be courted and swayed by other schools down the road?

Jake Trotter: If he keeps winning, he'll continue to be courted. But the biggest threat has been averted.

Scott (Dallas): If you had to put money on it, who's your starting QB at TCU for 2014?

Jake Trotter: The safest bet would be Trevone Boykin. But I hope they leave him at WR. I think he's more comfortable there, and a better fit for that offense as a situational QB. Of course, that will only work if somebody else steps up.