K-State, Baylor recruiting overachievers

The Big 12 might not have a team with a top 10 recruiting class at the moment, but the league has a pair of programs that know how to get the most out of the players they sign.

According to ESPN Insider Brian Fremeau, Kansas State and Baylor are the two-biggest recruiting overachievers in college footballInsider.

"(Bill) Snyder's on-field résumé is unmatched in terms of wins against more talented opponents," Fremeau wrote about the Wildcats. "In the past five seasons, Snyder has led the Wildcats to fewer FBS losses (21) than all but two other Big 12 conference foes (Oklahoma and Oklahoma State), even though Kansas State has ranked at or near the bottom of the Big 12 recruiting rankings in each of those years."

Fremeau was also bullish on the targeting efforts of the Bears in recruiting.

"Gaudy offensive numbers attract star offensive weapons, and Baylor's 2014 class is headlined by four-star wide receiver prospects K.D. Cannon, Davion Hall and Ishmael Zamora," he wrote. "But just as important, Baylor made big strides on defense in 2013 and they are landing more talent on that side of the ball as well. Baylor ranked among the top 20 teams nationally in forcing three-and-outs and limiting available yards last season, key efficiency measures that can keep the Bears as a conference contender even if they fall short on the recruiting trail."