Key issues for Texas heading into spring

ESPN Insider Ryan McGee has broken down the three biggest needs Texas coach Charlie Strong must tackle before the April 19 Orange-White game. Below is a sample of McGee's three-part piece:

The first issue McGee addressed is what alignment Texas will go with defensively:

Strong is a defensive-minded coach and his bread-and-butter defense has been a 3-4 base formation. Under Mack Brown, Texas was a 4-3 program. So task No. 1 for Strong and defensive coordinator Vance Bedford is to determine whether they will stick with the 4-3 based on the personnel they inherited.

According to McGee, Strong will also have to improve Texas' passing attack, which lagged last season:

On one hand, it no doubt fills Strong's heart with pride as he sees endless highlights of his Louisville offense as former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater slides up and down everyone's pre-NFL draft charts. On the other hand, it might serve as a painful reminder of what he doesn't have at Texas.

The last issue McGee said Strong must tackle is leadership on his offensive line:

During the early days of spring practice, Strong has repeatedly asked his team for leaders who are ready to step up. He might as well have his bullhorn pointed directly at his offensive line.