Weeden breaks down OSU quarterbacks

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden was back in Stillwater, Okla., this week to watch the Cowboys practice.

“I hadn’t been up here in a while,” Weeden said. “I had some friends in town who wanted to get out and play a little golf and I figured while I’m up here, I might as well come watch them practice.”

Weeden, who remains the only Oklahoma State quarterback to earn first-team all-conference honors and quarterbacked the Cowboys to the 2011 Big 12 title, signed a two-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys last week.

Weeden met with reporters while on campus and had some interesting observations of the team:

On his observations from practice:

“Very good, talented team. I think there’s a lot of young guys that show a lot of promise, some names that I’m becoming pretty familiar with, some guys that may be new to the program, but I think are going to be guys we’re going to rely on for the years to come. You’ve got guys like [quarterback] J.W. [Walsh] that have been around here for a little while. You can just watch him practice and tell he’s a leader on offense and does things the right way. So, overall, good. I think Coach [Mike] Gundy’s got them going the right direction.”

On the quarterbacks:

“I thought they all looked pretty good. I think Daxx Garman can just flat-out spin it. I think he sits back in the pocket and throws a good ball, very accurate. J.W. ... I was around him for a few years so I kind of know what he brings. He’s just a football player. He throws a good ball. You can tell he’s in complete control of the offense -- again, just being a leader. [Freshman] Mason [Rudolph] looks good. From the reps I saw in team, he sits back there and he’s a big kid. You can tell he’s still learning, but I think he’s a guy that has a pretty high ceiling.”

On Gundy preparing players for the NFL:

“I think that’s one thing I’ve always given Coach Gundy a lot of credit about. He always tries to prepare guys for life after football in the professional ranks or a professional out in the business world or whatever it may be. He expects you to be on time, do things the right way, take care of your stuff off the field and then when you show up, be prepared and practice hard. I think the way he runs this organization, this program, again, it’s like a business. He doesn’t tolerate guys being late. He doesn’t tolerate guys not trying hard and those types of things, and I think that’s going to benefit these guys if they get a chance to play at the next level or when they get out in the real world.”