Brown's stance on fans has changed

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

The blog Carolinamarch.com revisted an interesting story stemming from Texas coach Mack Brown's public stance against fans charging the field after games.

Brown's comments came after Texas Tech charged the field in the wake of the Red Raiders' wild 39-33 comeback victory over Texas last week.

"It's really, really dangerous," Brown said. "It's amazing, with all the talk about security, that we'll turn everybody loose. For the first time while I was at Texas, I didn't get to sing 'The Eyes of Texas' after the game."

Brown's concern is well intentioned. But according to the blog, it's a big difference from when Brown was coaching at North Carolina.

In 1994, Brown was acting differently, according to the blog. In an effort to whip up interest for the Tar Heels' upcoming homecoming game against a 1-3 Georgia Tech team, Brown wrote a letter to the Daily Tar Heel, reminiscing about his first season coaching at North Carolina. He opined about the support that the fans gave him during his 1-10 season and reminisced fondly about how those students stormed the field after the Tar Heels' only victory that season over Georgia Tech.

After the letter appeared, the Tar Heels won the game and students charged the field to rip down the uprights. They did the same thing the following week after a victory over Maryland before Brown felt compelled to write a second letter to the student newspaper telling the kids to cool it.

Brown brought up his concerns of danger again this week. Maybe it reminded him of a point earlier in his career when he had to tell students to tone down their excitement.