Longhorns keeping tabs on "Mount Cody"

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas coach Mack Brown has taken note of the problems caused by Alabama's Terrence Cody and the veteran defensive line.

The concerns are even more pronounced after the Longhorns allowed nine sacks in their 13-12 Big 12 title game victory over Nebraska.

"Coaches are dealing with Alabama. We're not able to sleep," Brown said. "They've got three (Nebraska All-American defensive tackle Ndamukong) Suhs up front. That's the problem."

Brown joked Cody's domination will keep him from showing all of the game film to his team.

"Everywhere you look, they're knocking people down," Brown said. "We've been afraid to show it to our kids. We'll try to limit how much film we show them. Cut some plays out and go real slow with them. We're not going to feed them all of it at once."