Take Two: new OU uniforms a good idea?

It's Take Two Tuesday again, when we give our opinions on a topic related to the Big 12.

Today's topic: Should Oklahoma have resorted to adding alternate uniforms?

Take 1: Brandon Chatmon -- Yes

It's been a long time coming for the Sooners. OU needed a new alternate look to keep up with the times in the arms race that is college football recruiting. The Sooners had a stellar close to its Class of 2014, landing several elite prospects in the final month of the recruiting cycle, a clear sign that uniforms aren't the end-all, be-all of recruiting.

Yet, they do have an impact.

Several recruits took to social media to express their approval including current commitment P.J. Mbanasor of Pflugerville, Texas/Hendrickson and local target Will Sunderland of Midwest City, Oklahoma/Midwest City. And several former players expressed their envy of current Sooners who will get the chance to don the alternate uniforms this fall. Players love alternate uniforms and uniform options so the Sooners' decision to add them was the correct decision.

For OU to dig its heels in the ground and refuse to tinker with their uniform options would have been silly. Uniforms help win recruiting battles and winning recruiting battles wins games. Uniforms are completely in the Sooners' control and it's taken too long for the Sooners to take advantage of this opportunity as it is.

Better late than never.

Take 2: Jake Trotter -- No

The past few years, I had the parent of a player email me many times, inquiring as to why Oklahoma didn't have alternate uniforms.

My answer was always the same. The Sooners had an iconic brand and an iconic look, and didn't need to resort to such tactics.

Sure, the uniform craze has worked wonders for the likes of Oregon and instate rival Oklahoma State, the first school in the Big 12 to follow the Ducks and repeatedly change up its look. Yet before this millennium, Oregon and Oklahoma State football had very little identity. The snazzy uniforms helped give them one.

But Oklahoma already had an identity. And while most kids have never heard of Barry Switzer, much Less Bud Wilkinson, kids are smart enough to know who the “it” schools in college football are. Oklahoma, I always thought, was one of them. Apparently the Sooners themselves weren't so sure.

The new uniforms, no doubt, will generate excitement with the players (see this video) and drum up enthusiasm with recruits.

But there's a reason you don't see Alabama changing its looks for the sake of appealing to recruits. The Crimson Tide don't need to.

I didn't think Oklahoma needed to, either. Like Alabama, I thought the Sooners were above that.

I, apparently, was wrong.