Will Josh Freeman stay or go?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Jeffrey Martin, the outstanding Kansas State beat writer for the Kansas City Star/Wichita Eagle, asked the question that has to be the second-most important one for Wildcat fans these days.

Namely, after a new coach is hired to replace Ron Prince, will junior quarterback Josh Freeman stay in school or choose to go the NFL?

Martin talked with Ron Freeman, Josh's father, for information and didn't get much. But I've got to believe that if father and son aren't happy with the coaching hire, they will think more seriously about the NFL.

Freeman's size and arm have had pro scouts drooling throughout his college career. The scouts I talk to have him ranked only behind Sam Bradford as a potential NFL quarterback among Big 12 quarterbacks.

Freeman was very close with Prince. But he told Martin that the coaching change won't necessarily prompt him turning pro.

"I can't really say that," Freeman said. "I was committed to Nebraska, and Coach Prince came along and persuaded me to come here. Whoever ends up getting the job, I'm going to give him a fair shot to see what his offense is all about, to see if it will be worth sticking around and learning.

"I'm going to enter this with an open mind."

Still, whoever is hired as Kansas State's new coach arrives with one huge immediate recruiting priority -- convincing Freeman to stay for one more season.