Big 12 left out of New Year's Day fun

I feel a little bit out of sync today.

It can't be blamed on any imbibing I did last night.

The real reason I'm out of sorts is there are no Big 12 teams playing on the traditionally best day for college football of the year.

At least it was that way when I grew up, watching all of the games stacked one on top of another for a day-long feast of football.

Of course, those days were long before the way that Saturdays now play out during the regular season. In those prehistoric days -- at least in terms of college football -- we were lucky to get two games on a Saturday afternoon. Teams were limited to two appearances on television per season.

And that's what made New Year's Day so special.

My friends and I would pile into my den to watch games on one of two television sets my parents had commandeered for those purposes. It made it much easier in those days before remote controls were in vogue.

It makes me long for those days today as the Big 12 misses out on the tradition.

The AT&T Cotton Bowl moved its game to tomorrow afternoon to ensure wider viewership and even moved to a new stadium to make it seem even weirder.

In the history of the Big 12, the conference has failed to play on New Year's Day only twice since in came into creation in 1996. In 2004, the Big 12 was dark on Jan. 1 as the Cotton Bowl moved its game between Mississippi and Oklahoma State back by a day. And in 2006, the NFL took over Jan. 1 as it fell on a Sunday.

On six occasions in the last 14 seasons, the Big 12 had two games on Jan. 1.

But today, the conference has none.

Sure, we have Bobby Bowden's last game at Florida State, an interesting Rose Bowl contest and an intriguing Sugar Bowl to finish things off.

But no Big 12 games as the only one of the "Big Six" conferences without a game today.

And because of it, it feels a little disconcerting to me.