Look for changes to the Texas offense

Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis promised some “new wrinkles” offensively to combat a feisty Alabama defense that will be the Longhorns’ biggest challenge this season.

Longhorn players were hesitant to say too much about the plans, but Colt McCoy revealed that one aspect could be using him more as a running threat.

The Longhorns must be productive on first-down plays against the Crimson Tide, who rank second nationally in rush defense, pass efficiency defense, scoring defense and total defense.

“We’ve got to have first-down efficiency, let’s get 4 yards on first down and stay ahead of what we need to do,” McCoy said. “That limits some of the things they can do and gives us a much better opportunity to take care of some things. When you find yourself in second-and-long and third-and-long they can do anything. They can come after you and it’s a nightmare on those situations. Staying ahead of the chains is key for us.”

McCoy is prepared to be part of that with his arm and his feet.

“You might run four or five draws or a couple of counter reads,” McCoy said. “It’s one of those things you have to keep going.”

For his part, Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart is preparing for anything from the Longhorns on Thursday night.

“I always expect the unexpected,” Smart said. “...They do a good job of changing things up, and you talk to people around them from their league and they say they are an execution team. They’re going to run their offense, but everybody is going to have a new wrinkle."