Recovering Reed sets Tech weight-lifting mark

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

One of the biggest questions coming into the season for Texas Tech's offense was the playing condition of mammoth 314-pound tackle Rylan Reed, who suffered a broken ankle in the Red Raiders' Gator Bowl victory over Virginia.

Reed apparently is showing few lingering effects from the post-season surgery after he lifted a school-record 625 pounds on Monday afternoon.

"It felt like the weight of world was lifted when I racked it," said Reed, a former pitcher in the Chicago White Sox's system who overcame cancer before beginning his college football career.

Reed has been limited in his lower body workouts as he recovers from the ankle injury, but has done some leg work. His recovery has enabled him to have more time to work on his upper body strength.

Tech officials said Reed bench-pressed 225 pounds 35 times in March -- accomplished while balancing with one leg elevated and one on the ground. The NFL's benchmark for linemen at their annual combine is 25 reps of 225 pounds.

"My teammates were there for me through the whole thing," said Reed, a senior from Dallas who is expected to practice when the Red Raiders being preseason training camp next Monday. "My family, sister, mom and brother-in-law all provided support. They kept telling me that I would come out of this better than I was before."